What to Wear on a Whale Watching Tour

What to Wear on a Whale Watching Tour
September 22, 2022 AOC
Wear on a Whale Watching Tour

Between the months of June and October, the warmer waters around Broome play host to an estimated 35,000 humpback whales each year. A whale watching tour is a fantastic way to see these magnificent creatures up close, and here at Absolute Ocean Charters we pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary whale watching tours.

While you prepare for your upcoming trip, you may be wondering what to wear on a whale watching tour, as well as what you need to bring. Here are some tips to help you pack and get ready for your whale watching experience.


The whale watching season (from late June to early October) is during the dry season in Broome. In the dry season, the weather in Broome is generally warm with little to no rain. You will typically enjoy clear blue skies and low humidity. The weather at this time of year is particularly inviting and enjoyed by all our whale watchers!

The afternoon is the best time to get out on the water and see the whales, and that’s why we offer an afternoon tour and a sunset tour. Ensure you wear clothing you are comfortable in, and dress for the weather on the day. Unlike other areas of the world, you don’t need to rug up in heaps of warm layers on our whale watching cruises – a lightweight jacket should be plenty if you’re worried about getting cool on the sunset tour.


You don’t need anything fancy! Flat shoes are best and thongs are fine, or something a little sturdier like tennis shoes if you feel more comfortable. You don’t need to worry about getting your feet wet, as our amphibious sealegs tender vessel, ‘Cayduck’, will transfer you from the beach to the ‘Contessa C’ without fuss!

Sun Protection

As with any outdoor activity, it’s important to consider sun protection. Our whale cruise vessel, ‘Contessa C’, is mostly shaded to protect you from the sun, but make sure you bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare off the ocean. There are plenty of shaded seating areas, as well as our daybeds on board the boat.

A hat is a good idea, but consider one with a drawstring, otherwise hold on tight to it so you don’t lose it overboard! While you’re in Broome, get into the habit of regularly applying sunscreen, and we recommend you do so for your whale watching cruise, too.

Sea Sickness Tablets (if necessary)

If you know you’re one to suffer from motion sickness, it’s a good idea to stock up on sea sickness tablets prior to your tour. The weather conditions in the afternoon during whale season are generally calm out on the water, but if you’re worried about potentially rough seas, it’s better to be safe than sorry and bring the tablets with you. Sometimes it’s worth taking a tablet before embarking to ensure it’s working once you hit the water.


The whale species you’ll spot on a Broome whale watching cruise – not to mention the other marine mammals you might catch a glimpse of – are truly a sight to behold. Make sure you’ve got your camera handy to capture some memories.

If you come along on one of our sunset tours, you’ll also be witness to a spectacular Broome sunset – certainly a photo-worthy experience!

Taking photos to remember your trip is great, but make sure you allow yourself to be present in the moment, too. You don’t want to experience the whole cruise from behind a screen!

On-board Inclusions

Our tour operators and on-board marine biologist will share all the interesting information about the whales you see, as well as the waters around Broome. If you’re travelling with little ones, we’ve got you covered, with activities to keep the kids entertained.

Bring your own water bottle if you prefer, but we offer complimentary appetisers and refreshments on board, as well as the opportunity to purchase alcohol or merchandise. You can BYO alcohol if you like, and we provide ice and an esky if needed.

Broome truly has some of the most spectacular whale watching in the world, and a whale watching cruise is one of the best things to do in Broome. We offer special tours if you’re after an exclusive cruise for you and a group of up to 32 guests. In addition, we offer a guarantee for whale sightings on our Broome tours, or we’ll book you in for another tour free of charge to ensure you get to see the humpback whales firsthand.

Dolphin Watching Instead?

If you’ve missed out on the whale watching season or are looking for something different, consider booking a dolphin cruise. Unlike whales, dolphins can be spotted all year round and we operate our cruises from April to October inclusive.

Our Roebuck Bay Eco Dolphin Cruises will take you to see these amazing creatures off the coast of Broome. You can expect the same comfort as with our whale watching tours, with complimentary appetisers, children’s activities, and a licensed bar all included. 

What should you wear? We recommend wearing the same clothing as with whale watching tours. You can use the above list for both whale and dolphin cruises.

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