Community Support

Absolute Ocean Charters is committed to supporting the local community in Broome, Western Australia. They sponsor events, participate in conservation efforts, and promote Broome as a premier tourist destination. Their commitment to the community is about fostering unity and support that enhances their home town.
The Kyle Andrews Foundation

The Kyle Andrews Foundation

The Kyle Andrews Foundation, an inspiring organisation supported by Absolute Ocean Charters, focuses on uplifting the lives of children battling cancer and other serious medical conditions. Established in 1998 in honor of Kyle Andrews, a young Broome local cancer patient, the foundation organises an annual camp in Broome, offering a rejuvenating experience for these children. The camp, a dream of Kyle's, provides a much-needed respite from hospital routines, allowing participants to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the beach, fostering a sense of normalcy and joy. The foundation operates through business donations and the dedicated efforts of volunteers, emphasising minimal administrative costs to maximise the impact of every contribution. Businesses and individuals can support the foundation's mission by donating, volunteering, or participating in fundraising activities, thereby directly contributing to the well-being of these courageous children. For more detailed information, please visit The Kyle Andrews Foundation.

Dolphin Watch

DBCA Dolphin Watch Program

Yawuru Nagulagun, means Yawuru sea country, and Yawuru Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park is a place of exceptional value. Roebuck Bay has some of the most productive tropical intertidal flats in the world, making it very important for Yawuru fishing, hunting and gathering of sea foods. It also has the largest known population of snubfin dolphins, a species considered vulnerable to extinction (across their range in WA, NT and Qld). DBCA and Yawuru are vested with jointly managing the marine park and ensuring that the snubfin population size remains stable and the number of marine mammal species is maintained. This includes humpback and bottlenose dolphins and occasional visitors such as false killer whales (one of the larger dolphin species!) humpback whales and dugong. We at AOC support a regular community-led census of the snubfin dolphins in Yawuru Nagulagun with DBCA staff, Yawuru country managers and Dolphin Watch volunteers where we take photos of the dorsal fins of all the snubfin dolphins to count them and keep track of how the population is tracking, this census happens every year. This is one of the only predictable places that snubfin dolphins can be sighted regularly in Australia.

Click here for information on becoming a Dolphin Watch volunteer.

Click here to download a copy of the Yawuru Nagulagun FinBook: An identification catalogue for dolphins in Roebuck Bay.