Absolute Ocean Charters welcomes you aboard to enjoy an incredible afternoon of Broome whale watching, where you’ll have the opportunity to view the majestic Humpback whales as they migrate their way along the Kimberley coast.

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A Broome whale watching cruise is one of the most spectacular in the world, so come and experience these amazing creatures for yourself. Guaranteed whale watching on our cruise or your money back!

Enjoy an awe inspiring afternoon watching the majestic Humpback whales as they migrate their way along the Kimberley coast. Humpback whales migrate from the cold southern waters of the Antarctic to the warm northern waters of the Kimberley region every year to calve. As the whales pass Broome, you can watch a mixture of behaviours from the creatures; energetic breaching and playful antics along with calm and nurturing lessons between mother & calf whales, learning to breathe and swim. It truly is a magnificent sight, mother nature at its best.

Relax in comfort on one of the daybeds while our Marine Biologist gives you an informed and knowledgeable account of Broome whale activity! Listen to whale song through our on board hydrophone whilst enjoying tasty appetisers and refreshing drinks. If you’re interested in Broome whale watching tours, come aboard with us.


  • Our 65ft whale watching vessel has 3 viewing platforms and a walk around deck so you will never be fighting others for the perfect view! The large deck and separate viewing areas mean no overcrowding as you can access all sides of the boat getting up close and personal no matter which side the whales are!
  • There is a full size toilet/shower on board and plenty of shaded seating to relax and enjoy your day.
  • Please see our Whale FAQ page for advice on what to bring on our whale watching tours and other information that may not be on this page.
  • Did you know that you can book this cruise exclusively for you and up to 32 guests. See the exclusive charters page for more details.


  • Beginning with a free pickup service from your accommodation, our air conditioned courtesy broome bus will transfer you to your departure point – Gantheaume Beach or Entrance Point.
  • Board our sealegs amphibious tender ‘Cayduck’ and be transferred safe and dry to the the fastest & most comfortable whale watching vessel in Broome ‘Contessa C’. This vessel gets you to the whales quickly and safely so you maximize your viewing time.
Whale Watching Charters & Cruises Broome


  • Our qualified Marine Biologist welcomes you aboard, keeping you educated and up to date with all the fascinating facts! An informative presentation is provided throughout the tour of Humpback whales and other wildlife you may encounter during your time on board.
  • Relax in comfort as you observe the Humpback whales breaching, pec slapping, spy hopping, see cows (mother whales) teaching their calves to swim, sea turtles, sea snakes and dolphins!
Whale Watching Tours
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Whale Watching Tours Broome
  • Enjoy complimentary appetizers and refreshing drinks while relaxing on one of the daybeds.
  • Listen to whale song through our hydrophone, and then top it off with one of Broome’s spectacular sunsets! (*on the Sunset Tour)
  • Children’s whale activities are on offer to keep the little ones entertained for that bit longer! A chance for all to win a prize at the end of the tour!


  • We return to Broome around 4pm on the Afternoon Tour and 6pm on the Sunset Tour. You will then be transferred back to your accommodation in our air conditioned courtesy bus.


When can you see whales in Broome?

Migratory animals, Humpback Whales come up from their Antarctic feeding grounds during the winter months of July, August and September to mate and calve. Southern Right Whales and Blue Whales can also be seen in Broome at this time! As a general rule ‘whale season’ is from late June to early October.

Our Whale Watching tours operate daily from late June to early October. Start and end dates are a little different every year as it depends when the whales arrive and depart our waters!

For more info, check out our article on the best times to go whale watching in Broome.

What is the best time to go whale watching?

The best time to go whale watching is in the afternoon between 1 and 4pm, or between 3pm and 6pm for sunset, and this is when we operate our tours! The balmy afternoons are a great time to see all sorts of different marine life, and there truly is something magical about a Broome sunset.

Are children welcome on board?

Yes! Children are absolutely more than welcome on our whale watching charters. Please ensure that they are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Children under 4 are free!

How many whales will we see?

During July, August and September we average seven Humpback encounters per tour! There are so many whales during this period, that you’re sure to see plenty. Our expert skippers and on-board marine biologists are highly skilled at finding the whales, predicting where they’ll be and following from appropriate distances.

What happens if we don't see any whales?

While extremely rare, it can happen—particularly during the start and tail end of the season. If it does, and you don’t see any whales on the tour, we’ll take you out again on the next available tour (two incredible afternoons on a boat for the price of one! How good is that?!). If that’s not possible, we will of course refund you 100% of your booking fee.

What months are whale season?

Whale season in Broome runs from July to September, but varies a little each year. During this time, whales come up from Antarctica to warmer waters, where they calve and mate. See our article on Broome’s whale watching season for more!

What is the best month to see whales?

The best month is a close tie between July, August and September. While whales can be seen in late June and early October, during these months are when you’re most likely to see lots of whales!

At what time of year can the whales be seen?

Whales can be seen in Broome during the dry season, which is what would be considered ‘winter’ in more temperate areas.

Are there whales in Broome?

There are whales in Broome during the dry season. The rest of the year, whales typically live down in the cold waters of Antarctica—their traditional feeding grounds. When it gets most cold, they migrate north to the warmer waters of Broome.

How long does whale watching season last?

Whale watching season is a solid 3 months, from July to September. It can vary however, as of course the whales might come earlier or later depending on global climate conditions.

Is whale watching better in the morning or afternoon?

In Broome, we really think it’s best to go whale watching in the afternoon. The water is generally calmer, the weather beautiful and balmy, and the lighting is just perfect. For an incredible experience, look to one of our sunset cruises. Watch the sun set in a magical show over the Indian Ocean.

Where is the best place to see whales?

Truly, Broome is one of the best places in the world to see whales. Huge populations of whales migrate north during the winter to these waters, and there’s so much else to do while you’re here! Check out our article on interesting things to do in Broome for ideas.

What months do whales migrate?

Antarctic Humpback Whales migrate north in winter, travelling from their traditional feeding grounds in the chilly Southern Ocean to the warmer Indian Ocean around Broome. 

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