Absolute Ocean Charters welcomes you aboard ‘Contessa C’ for a fantastic Full or Half Day of reef fishing in the pristine waters of Broome. Take advantage of one of the fastest & most comfortable Broome fishing charters to explore the vast, plentiful fishing grounds, and to let us show you the best spots to catch some great fish!

Sunset Fishing Charters in Broome
Broome Reef Fishing Charters

Reef Fishing Charters

For fish enthusiasts and the more serious fisher person we recommend the Full Day fishing charter over the Half Day charter. It gives you a couple of more hours fishing time on the water and we go a bit further offshore which will have more species to be seen & caught.

The Half Day fishing charter is tailored more to those with small children or those who may not have spent much time on the water before. If you only have a short stay in Broome and want to pack more than one tour in per day, then this is the tour for you!

Nevertheless, we do have many families and children come on the Full Day charter, so it really depends on the individual. When it comes to trying out an exciting reef fishing charter, Broome is the perfect destination and Absolute Ocean Charters look forward to showing you around!


  • Amateurs, experts, families and children are welcome on any of our fishing charters and you may even wish to share a line with your child. Our highly trained and experienced staff are always on hand to help you enjoy your day.
  • Please see our Fishing Charter FAQ page for advice on what to bring on your charter and other information that may not be on this page.
  • Did you know that you can book this charter exclusively for you and your guests. See the exclusive charters page for more details.


  • Beginning with a free pickup service from your accommodation around 7am, our air conditioned courtesy broome bus will transfer you to your departure point – Gantheume Beach or Entrance Point.
  • Our sealegs amphibious tender ‘Cayduck’ will transfer you safe and dry to ‘Contessa C’, your 65ft fishing vessel for a great day of fishing.
AOC Contessa C Vessel


  • Fish your way out to the productive Broome fishing grounds anywhere between 10 to 20 nautical miles offshore on the Half Day charter or between 20 to 40 nautical miles offshore on the Full Day charter. You will be able to fish several different areas throughout the day.
  • All fishing gear is supplied including rods & reels, bait, rod buckets, hand towels, catch bags. You are welcome to bring your own fishing gear if you wish.
Reef Fishing Broome
Broome Reef Fishing Tours
Broome Reef Fishing Charters
  • The more prominent species you should see on the Half Day Fishing Charter include Blue Spot Emperor, Black Snapper, Blue Bone, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, Chinaman Fish, Gold Spot Cod, Crimson Snapper & Saddletail Seaperch.  Throughout the morning we may also spend some time trolling lures for Spanish Mackerel & Tuna.
  • The more prominent species you should see on the Full Day Fishing Charter include Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Black Snapper, Crimson Snapper, Saddletail Seaperch, Golden Snapper, Rankin Cod, Giant Trevally & Golden Trevally.  Throughout the day we will also spend some time trolling lures for Tuna & Spanish Mackerel.
  • We will clean your catch and pack it straight on ice to give you the best quality fish to take home. All undersize or unwanted fish are immediately returned to the water to increase survival rates and promote sustainability of fisheries.


  • Amid fishing you will be served morning tea on the Half Day charter, with Morning tea & lunch served on the Full Day. Food includes a fresh fruit platter & cake, salads & assorted meat platters are served with fresh bread & rolls so you can choose what you would like to eat.
  • Help yourself to unlimited drinks including bottled water, soft drink, tea & coffee throughout the day. BYO alcohol – an esky and ice is provided to keep your drinks cold.


  • We return to Broome around 1pm on the Half Day and 3pm on the Full Day. You will then be transferred in our air conditioned courtesy bus back to your accommodation with your catch.


What do I need to bring on my fishing charter?

Whatever you need to be comfortable, protected from the sun and capture memories. Think hat, sunnies, ideally long sleeved clothing and bring a camera (although nowadays phone cameras are plenty good enough). Wear whatever footwear you’re comfortable in, thongs are fine, but if you prefer to wear sneakers they’re unlikely to get wet.

Drinks? Feel free to BYO, however we request you bring only a small esky or cooler bag to keep them cold. Alternatively, we’ve got a licensed bar on board with a great range of bevvies, and prices start as low as $5 a drink, bargain! Of course, we’ve also got a great range of non-alcoholic refreshments, too.

Need sea sickness medication? Please ensure to bring this if necessary, as we don’t generally carry this on board.

Can I bring my own fishing gear?

While we do provide everything you’ll need to snag a beauty, if you’d prefer to bring your favourite rod and reel please feel welcome. You won’t need to bring bait, buckets or an esky though.

What type of fishing gear is used on fishing charters?

Fin-Nor Offshore spin reels with braided line are used for bottom fishing. The same reels are used for trolling with mono line. All outfits are rigged with high quality leader and hooks, giving you the best chance to catch and land your fish. We don’t use cheap gear, or skimp out on what’s important. We want to see you land a record breaker and will do everything possible to make that happen!

Do I need to bring an esky?

No, we have eskies on board for both your fish and your drinks. We’d prefer if you didn’t, purely for the sake of storage space and keeping the deck clear, however if you’d like to bring a small esky or cooler bag to keep drinks or snacks cool then please do so.

If you’ve booked a private charter, we can chat through your specific requirements and ensure you’re set up for a great time.

What is a shared line?

If you’ve got a partner or young kids that aren’t keen to fish all day, a shared line might be a good option. This gives you 1 rod to share between two people, so you can take turns and enjoy the day at a more laid back pace. Please note, Shared Line bookings must accompany a Single Line booking.

Can I keep what I catch?

On Absolute Ocean Charters’ Broome Fishing Charters, you can keep anything you catch as long as it’s within Fisheries regulations. It’s important to follow these rules to ensure the longevity and sustainability of our ocean’s health. Of course, if you’d prefer to catch and release, you’re more than welcome to!

Are the fish filleted?

We follow Fisheries regulations on landing fish. The larger fish are filleted (usually Spanish Mackerel) while the smaller fish are gut and gilled. To read more on the exact legislation around recreational fishing, and under what scenarios a fish can be filleted, see here;

WA Statewide recreational fishing rule changes FAQ

Are children welcome on Fishing Charters in Broome?

Yes! Children of all ages are welcome on our Broome Fishing Charters. We encourage you to bring the kids along for a great day out on the water, however please be aware all children on board are the responsibility of the parent at all times. Children 4 years and under are free.

How often do fishing charters run?

Broome Fishing Charters operate daily year round. In the quiet season (November to March) charters are booking-dependent, but in the busy season there’s hardly a day where the boat isn’t full—so get in quick to secure a spot!

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