Perth to Broome Road Trip Itinerary 2023

Perth to Broome Road Trip Itinerary 2023
November 3, 2022 AOC
Perth to Broome Road Trip

The coastline of Western Australia has so much to offer, from stunning beach sunsets, to picturesque swimming spots, to fascinating marine life and so much more.

If you plan on holidaying in Broome, why not consider a road trip? It’s sure to be a memorable holiday, and the trip to the destination promises to be just as much fun as the destination itself. The Perth to Broome coastal drive has so much to offer travellers, and you can stop in at some of the best spots on the west coast along the way.

Here are some places to include on your Perth to Broome road trip itinerary:

Jurien Bay

The journey from Perth to Jurien Bay – stop number one – takes approximately 2.5 hours. If you want to further break up the drive after leaving Perth, make an additional stop in at Yanchep National Park to see the wetlands and diverse wildlife, before continuing on to Jurien Bay. 

While you’re in Jurien Bay, the Pinnacles Desert at Nambung National Park is definitely worth a visit. These natural limestone structures were formed some 25,000 years ago – the local visitor centre has lots of great info on the area.

Jurien Bay is part of the spectacular Coral Coast – a stretch of more than 1,000km of beaches, coastal towns and nature reserves along the Indian Ocean. Jurien Bay has some great fishing spots, as well as the chance to swim with the local sea lions.


Explore another part of the Coral Coast and admire the towering cliffs at Red Bluff, with spectacular views over the ocean. Kalbarri has some excellent spots for snorkelling, including at Blue Holes.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just want a family-friendly stroll, there are trails at Kalbarri National Park to suit you. Erosion over time has created a natural archway known as Nature’s Window, a picturesque location which offers views out to the landscape beyond.

The trail to Nature’s Window is only around 800m, or the keen hikers can take the 8km loop. The Kalbarri Skywalk is an absolute must-see – it’s completely accessible so everyone can drink in the incredible views across Murchison River Gorge.

Shark Bay

On your way from Kalbarri to Shark Bay, stop in at Hamelin Pool. The stromatolites at Hamelin Pool are some of the most diverse in the world. Stromatolites, or ‘living fossils’, represent life from over 3500 million years ago! The museum in the Old Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station makes for an interesting and educational visit for the whole family.

The west coast is well-known for its beautiful beaches, and Shark Bay is no exception. Within the Shark Bay world heritage area is Monkey Mia, a popular destination for travellers wanting to see the wild dolphins. Set out on one of the early morning tours to see the dolphins yourself!

The Shark Bay Ocean Park Aquarium boasts many different exhibits. You can take an aquarium tour to see marine life such as sharks and rescued sea turtles up close and personal.

For those with a 4WD, stop in at Francois Peron National Park for canoeing, kayaking, swimming and camping.

Coral Bay

Another fantastic stop on the Coral Coast is Coral Bay. The crystal clear water invites swimming, snorkelling and diving, and the Ningaloo Reef plays host to a diverse range of marine life. You may even see some manta rays swimming alongside you!

A reef shark nursery at Skeleton Bay is a must-see if you’re hoping to witness some of the reef sharks up close and personal.

Coral Bay is a great destination to break up the driving and relax, put your feet up, and get some sun.


Make some stops in and around Exmouth to experience the beautiful beaches of Cape Range National Park, including the popular Turquoise Bay.

Tours to go swimming with whale sharks are one of the most popular attractions along the Ningaloo Reef. While whale sharks may look intimidating, they are in fact gentle giants!

Depending on the time of year you visit, you may be able to book a tour to see turtles nesting and hatching. Guided tours run from November to March, and allow you to witness this wonderful experience without disturbing the animals.


Nearby to Karratha is Hearson Cove, the best place (other than Broome!) to witness Staircase to the Moon. For a few nights a month between May and November, the mudflats at low tide show the reflection of the full moon, leading to an extraordinary optical illusion.

There are several significant Aboriginal cultural sites in the Karratha area. The Yaburara Heritage Trail is a 3.5km trail which highlights the cultural heritage of the Ngarluma people, the traditional owners of this land.

Eighty Mile Beach

Lying 365km south of Broome, Eighty Mile Beach is a handy last stop on your road trip to Broome. This beach, at 220km long, is Western Australia’s longest uninterrupted beach, and is the perfect place for a beach walk. Eighty Mile Beach is great for camping and shell collecting.


You’ve reached your destination! There’s no shortage of things to add to your Broome itinerary.

If you’re visiting at the right time, you might be able to witness the natural phenomenon of Staircase to the Moon across the mudflats of Roebuck Bay during your visit.

The white sands at Cable Beach are a welcoming place to relax with a good beach read, or go on a world-renowned camel ride.

Broome is famous for its stunning sunsets, and there’s no better place to witness it than from out on the water. Book into a Broome sunset cruise to experience the magic of a Broome sunset while also spotting stunning marine life up close.

Our sunset dolphin cruises invite you out onto the water to spot the unique Snubfin dolphins that grace the waters off Broome. During whale season (late June to early October), check out an Absolute Ocean Charters whale watching tour to witness the majestic Humpback whales firsthand.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the stops to consider for your Perth to Broome road trip itinerary. It’s no secret that Western Australia has an exceptionally beautiful coastline with countless stunning beaches, a diverse range of wildlife, and many great stops and small towns all along the way. And once you’ve reached Broome, make sure you come and see us for a fantastic sunset cruise and to spot some Snubfin dolphins!

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