The Ocean is Yours!

The Ocean is Yours!
November 21, 2023 AOC
Absolute Ocean Charters Team

Our mantra here at Absolute Ocean Charters is ‘The Ocean is Yours’.

It is ours (yours) to enjoy and revel in, yet it is also our duty to care, nurture and respect the ocean as well. It is a sense of feeling that drives everything we do at AOC.

AOC was founded out of a love for the ocean. We rely on healthy, functioning seas to ensure our guests have the best experience. This is why we do our utmost to nurture our oceans.

In addition to adhering to recreational fishing and marine wildlife watching guidelines, AOC has been an Ecotourism certified operator with Ecotourism Australia for the last 10 continuous years. Which means you can be assured that our tours are backed by a strong, well-managed team that is committed to sustainable practices. We are absolutely dedicated to providing top quality, nature-based tourism experiences.

Beyond this, AOC likes to go further to care for our oceans. Our fishing charters always start with our friendly deckies, asking guests if they intend to keep or release their catch, on the journey out to the reefs. This way, we can be sure that we are not keeping any more fish than is wanted. When fish are caught, so long as they are within limits, they are humanely handled and processed quickly and respectfully. We care for our catch and our local fish stocks.

On our whale and dolphin watching eco tours we also follow the guidelines set by parks and wildlife. This means we stay within approach zones and don’t stay with the animals for too long to minimise any disturbance. On top of that, we recognise we are very fortunate to work in an area where marine life far outweighs tour operators and boat traffic. If we come across an animal that is already being observed by another vessel, we will continue with our tour confident that we can find more marine life and ensure the animals do not have to be crowded in their own homes.

Our expert marine biologist is also on-board every wildlife watching tour to share stories and information about our beloved marine life of Broome.

AOC cares deeply for our oceans, yet we also hope that through every encounter on the ocean, our guests leave with the feeling that the ocean is theirs to enjoy and care for as well.

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