Have you ever seen our ‘Snubbie’ Dolphins?

Have you ever seen our ‘Snubbie’ Dolphins?
October 5, 2023 AOC
Snubfin Dolphin by AOC

Have you ever heard of the Australian Snubfin dolphin? Many of our guests haven’t even heard of them before coming to Broome and joining us on one of our Eco Sunset Coastal Cruises of Roebuck Bay.
Everyone has heard of a bottlenose dolphin. That’s because they’re found in all tropical and temperate waters around the world. But the Australian Snubfin dolphin has a very small range. This small dolphin species is only found along the northern coastline of Australia, from right here in Broome around to the Brisbane River on the East Coast.

To top off having such a small range, the Snubfin dolphin is also a notoriously shy species. Social amongst themselves; they are very shy of approaching boats and humans. Which means, even if you are out on the water where they can be found – the chances of seeing them can be slim.

However, Broome’s Roebuck Bay is the most densely populated area for the Australian ‘Snubbie’ and also happens to be home to one of the friendliest populations. Our local ‘Snubbies’ are used to boats which means it is an amazing place to be able to see one of the world’s rarer dolphin species.

The Australian Snubfin dolphin is characterised by its small size, rounded head which lacks a bottlenose, rounded paddle-like pectoral fins and of course its shortened dorsal fin which gives the dolphin its name. Many of our guests, and staff, agree that they are one of the cuter looking dolphins we can come across. If you are able to see one of these little dolphins, you’re likely to be rewarded with seeing them play amongst their pods, spy hop at the surface or potentially spitting jets of water as they hunt for their dinner.

As well as our friendly ‘Snubbies’, Roebuck Bay is also an amazing place to spot turtles, Dugongs, sea snakes, Manta rays and other cetaceans which pass through the Bay. The Bay is also home to huge flocks of migratory shorebirds during certain times of the year.

We hope that everyone who comes out on the water with us for one of our Eco Sunset Coastal Cruises comes away with an appreciation for just how special Broome’s Roebuck Bay really is.

Have you planned your trip yet?

There are a few places in Australia where you can see Snubfin dolphins. But we believe that none quite compare to the sheltered waters of Roebuck Bay.

Plus we get to top every tour off with an epic WA sunset!

If you are yet to book your next sunset coastal cruise when you next visit Broome, don’t delay and contact us today.

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