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Fishing charters started in Broome way back when Lord McAlpine built the Cable Beach Club, The Zoo and Broome became a tourist destination. It’s one of Broome’s oldest tourist attractions.
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We are the longest operating Broome fishing charter, over 10 years of experience running our own boat, 1000’s of fishing spots collected over the years and were always looking for our next ‘goto spot’.
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We love eating fresh fish, average 36 fish per day in the esky, that’s around 50kg fillets ready for dinner!
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It’s not all about the blokes! 42 percent of passengers on our charters are women and children shows that fishing is for the whole family.
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They were literally jumping in the boat! Most fish in a session, 20 Spanish Mackerel in 20 minutes.
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The women catch all the fish. Just over 60% of the fish caught are caught by the ladies on board. C’mon fellas! Lift your game!!
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State of the art technology. Our 65ft vessel Contessa C is fitted with 3d bottom imaging. This means our gps plotter is linked with our sounder and as we drive around it creates a 3d image of the seafloor. This allows us to make sure your fishing on the reef to give you the best chance of catching fish. It also helps us find new fishing grounds.
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An average of 12 percent of fish hooked are taken by sharks! You need to wind your fish in fast if you don’t want your dinner stolen from under your nose.
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Fastest mackerel ever filleted, 26 seconds. Our crew have quick hands and sharp knives!
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While it’s nice to keep some fish for dinner, we let loads of fish fight another day and do our bit to look after the future fish stocks. Average 67 fish per day released.
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The biggest fish ever caught on AOC was a Black Marlin hooked on a line meant for a bottom dwelling fish. It measured 2.3m and weight over 100kg..
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So much variety…. It’s like a lucky dip! 82 different species caught in over 10 years fishing. Average 16 different species per day. That’s more kinds of fish than passengers on board.

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