Whale Watching Season in Broome

Whale Watching Season in Broome
August 12, 2021 AOC
Whale Watching Cruise

See the magnificent giants in an incredible way!

The majestic Humpback whales offer a stunning sight to behold as they migrate along the Kimberley coast. These gentle giants pass Broome every year as they migrate to the warmer waters of the Kimberley region to calve. Getting out onto the water and seeing these amazing mammals up close is a spectacular, world-class experience. The Kimberley waters play host to the largest population of Humpback whales in the world, with over 35,000 whales expected to travel the coast each year.

Whether you’re just starting to plan your trip, or finalising your itinerary, you may be wondering: when is whale watching season in Broome? And what can you expect on a whale watching cruise? We’ve broken down some FAQs for you here:

Why a whale watching charter?

Whale watching tours offer unparalleled, up-close encounters with the great Humpback whales. Enjoy a relaxing day out on the water watching Mother Nature at her finest, and spot the whales breaching, playing, and teaching their calves. Witness mother whales nurturing their young as they teach them to swim, breathe and play.

Whale watching tours are informative and engaging for the whole family, and you are likely to see other wildlife as well as whales out on the pristine Kimberley waters. It’s a truly unique and memorable experience.

When is whale watching season in Broome?

Each year the Humpback whales migrate from the cold southern waters of the Antarctic to the warm northern waters of the Kimberley region to calve. The whale watching season is from late June to early October, but the dates vary slightly each year depending on the whales and when they arrive and depart from the Kimberley waters. You are mostly likely to see whales between July and September, which is during the dry season in Broome.

Whale shark season in Broome?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually quite rare for whale sharks to be found in Broome. However, whale sharks congregate on the Ningaloo reef in Exmouth from around mid-March to mid-August each year. If you’re interested in swimming with whale sharks, go see our friends at Three Islands Whale Shark Dive the next time you’re in Exmouth! If you want to tick both Broome whale watching and swimming with whale sharks in Exmouth off your bucket-list on one trip, plan for the later part of the whale shark season when the Humpback whales are in migration.

What to expect on your cruise?

On a whale watching charter you are guaranteed to see whales, or your cruise will be rescheduled free of charge (or your money back). A qualified marine biologist will be on-board to offer valuable information and presentations on the whales, their habits and the waters around Broome. Whale activities with a prize at the end will keep the little ones entertained. Listen to whale song through a state of the art hydrophone – an experience all are sure to love.

Undercover daybed style seating on-board invites you to relax and take it all in. There are three viewing platforms on our vessel so that you won’t have to compete for an uninterrupted view, and you can get up close and personal with the whales no matter which side they are on.

You are likely to see other marine life, so get the kids to keep their eyes peeled. Sea turtles, sea snakes and dolphins are likely to be spotted, and your on-board marine biologist will be able to offer you information on all the different creatures you see.

Accommodation pick up and drop off is included. An air-conditioned broome bus will pick you up from your hotel or resort and take you to your departure point (Gantheaume Beach or Entrance Point). After the tour, you will be dropped back at your hotel. Appetisers and refreshments are also included on-board, so you can just sit back and relax knowing everything is taken care of.

Whale Watching Season Broome


What if you miss whale season?

If you’ve already booked your trip and you won’t be in Broome during the whale season, make sure you check out a dolphin tour in Roebuck Bay. These cruises are another great way to see Broome’s stunning coastline as you get up close to the intelligent and unique Snubfin dolphins. Dolphin tours run from April to November (weather permitting) so they give you and your family the chance to get out onto the water if you visit sometime during these months. These eco tours teach you about the biodiversity of the flora and fauna in the area, along with pointing out the historic landmarks of Broome, which is sure to be a memorable highlight of your holiday. Take a sunset tour for the added bonus of experiencing a picturesque Broome sunset from the water.

Plan your cruise

Whale watching charters are one of the most magical and breathtaking experiences on offer in Broome. Check out Absolute Ocean Charters and book in your morning, afternoon or sunset whale watching tour to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Visit between July and September for the best chance of seeing these amazing mammals and their calves.

If you can’t get enough of being out on the water, or if you are visiting outside of the whale season, our dolphin tours are another incredible way to get out onto the turquoise waters of the Kimberley coast. Enjoy a relaxing cruise spotting the intelligent snubfin dolphins as the sun sets over the water – it doesn’t get much better than this!

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