Baby Snubfin Dolphin Appears

Baby Snubfin Dolphin Appears
November 16, 2021 AOC
Snubfin Dolphin by AOC

Yes, that’s right – on our last Roebuck Bay Eco Snubfin Dolphin Cruise for the 2021 season, a little baby ‘Snubbie’ swum alongside its mum, frolicking in the water alongside our vessel. A very special and rare sight to see!

It is widely known that snubfin dolphin populations are often small and sporadic in northern Australia and southern PNG. It is estimated that about 100 snubfin dolphins live in Roebuck Bay – which is the largest known population in Western Australia. Most other pods in WA are far smaller and seen less often.

Being formally recognised as their own species in 2005 (not that long ago!), not much is actually known about these incredible round-headed creatures, yet it is becoming more widely stated for them to be formally identified as a vulnerable species by the state or federal government. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed the dolphin as a vulnerable and declining species and several research scientists believe the local governments should jump on-board.

When joining our wildlife eco cruises, our expert marine biologist informs all guests about this fascinating marine animal and the wonders of Roebuck Bay. And so, when a baby popped its head up in late October 2021– it further reminds us to fully appreciate the wonders of nature and the very special eco-system of Roebuck Bay.

The snubfin dolphins of Roebuck Bay are unique animals indeed and we have certainly been doing our absolute best to showcase them with the utmost respect and care since we began in 2009.

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