Decky Spotlight: Fishing in Broome with Misho

Decky Spotlight: Fishing in Broome with Misho
July 3, 2018 AOC

Broome fishing is what brought my family and I to this lovely place. Growing up on commercial cray fishing boats in a small town, Ledge Point WA. My family would count the days until we could pack up the car, hitch on the boat and venture up into the Kimberley and explore the pristine coastline. Some of my favourite childhood memories have been made on the long empty beaches and in the warm tropical waters of Broome. We used to fish the beaches from sunrise to sunset, my old boy cooking us fresh fish on the barby and falling asleep under the stars.
Decky Spotlight - Fishing in Broome with Misho
It was time for me to escape the cool weather and make a move. First day out Fishing in Broome with Mick was truly breathtaking. As we dropped the first demonstration line of the day, before the speech was through we were hooked on, the rod was handed off to the nearest customer and together we hauled in my first fish of the season, a hefty Chinaman Cod. The waters offshore of Broome provide an experience like no other. We have such a diverse range of wildlife looming in the depths, soaring around the air and bobbing on the surface. On any given day we will see Flat Back Turtles hanging around in the sun, Sea Eagles and Hutton Shearwaters hunting for baitfish, Sea Snakes investigating our boat and massive bait balls of Tuna, Shark and Mackerel. This is what makes fishing these waters so breathtaking, you never know what’s on the horizon and what the day will bring.

One of the better parts of my job is being given the opportunity to take people fishing who don’t regularly fish or have never fished in their life. I was lucky enough to be raised around fishing and the ocean. Sometimes you forget people lead very different lives, often growing up in areas where the nearest body of water is days away. From farmers to pilots, nurses and businessmen. Guests come onboard with nothing but a positive attitude and a boat load of optimism and more often than not; leave with a bag full of first catches, great memories and quite often a brand new hobby. Fishing in Broome is more than just catching dinner or landing that trophy size Giant Trevally, it’s about the lifestyle, the fishing community, meeting new and interesting people from all walks of life and showing them how it’s done in Broome.

I watch the sunrise every morning on my way to work. In the evenings on the Eco, Snubfin dolphin watching tours I am able to watch the beautiful Broome sunsets as well. As we steam around Entrance Point with the tidal flow racing out to sea and not a breath of wind we enter Roebuck Bay on the search for wildlife. Often spotting, Snubfin dolphins, sea snakes, turtles and dugongs. On one evening the vessel was drifting as the sunset, while being surrounded by over 100 False Killer Whales.

I am very lucky to live in a place with such natural diversity, somewhere where each day provides a new adventure and opportunity. The ocean is amazing, the wildlife is abundant and there is always a new fish to catch. There is nothing like Broome fishing!

Tight Lines, and fish on!

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